Change is Good!

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Change is inevitable. At times it’s welcome and other times we think we aren’t ready for a change.

The last few weeks has been full of great changes. First of all my husband and constant daily companion now has a regular job that he goes to. If you would like to meet him he’s at Carubba’s Collision, 22 Freeman’s Bridge, Scotia.

Second – my son has left for basic training for the Army. This is a decision he’s thought about for a couple years and we are very excited about the possibilities that are in front of him.

Third – my amazing and faithful assistant has decided to put more time into homeschooling her children and will not be answering the phone and taking orders.

And Last – my daughter is back to college.

These are all great changes. Even though they take away a large amount of help that I’ve had over the last couple years they also open the door for using different resources to fill those roles. We are currently looking at ways to streamline the ordering process and how to offer you better customer service as we grow. Our 2019 has already started off great and we are looking forward to what is coming. Thank you to all of you who have been with us and watched our growth.

We are looking for referrals. Do you know someone who would regularly use balloons for events or refer us to others that would use balloons? We want to start our year with giving. We would like to give away ten of our balloon candy cups. Send us a note of why this person should have a candy cup and also a note that we can give them from you explaining how you think they can help out Upstate Balloon Company.

We are also looking for a charity to work with in Schenectady. Send us your thoughts on what you think would be a great match for us, best contact person and why.

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