Part 2 : Epilepsy and bad news

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With the news of our neurologist going into pediatric practice and with no hope for a better future than looking for a new medicine every six months we decided it was time to begin looking for a new neurologist. After asking around we figured if anyone could help it would be Albany Neurology. Little did we know that there are four different levels of epilepsy centers available around the country with the fourth level being the most advanced care and Albany Med is almost in our backyard. Well – the next city over – but close enough. If you know someone struggling with epilepsy please make sure they know about the epilepsy center at Albany Med and encourage them to use this great resource. For over ten years we had been looking for better treatment and asking about options and no one told us about the epilepsy center at Albany Med.

It took awhile to get into the office and it was a challenge to be taken in as a new patient with a new case because they had record of one of their doctors treating my husband that we had no recollection of. We just wanted to start fresh.  

At the first visit the Doctor immediately recognized the symptoms of  left temporal seizures and the telltale sign of med changes every six months – just when everything appeared to be working, little did we know we would have to start all over again. The Doctor put my husband on a waiting list for observation to confirm the diagnosis and see if surgery was a possibility. Within a month my husband got a call to be at the hospital that morning by 10am to be admitted into observation. We had only an hour – was this the right time or should we pass this opportunity up?

We will finish our story in part 3. Please share with someone you know is affected by epilepsy and remember that November is Epilepsy awareness month. I’m sure anyone would love a random gift letting you know that you care about them and we would love to be the ones to deliver smiles and love. You can visit our balloon shop at for more ideas or give us a call at 518.522.8212.


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