We offer convenience.  Do you really have time before a big event to worry about getting the balloons?  Or tried putting them into your car just to have them pop or float away? If you’ve experienced this, then Upstate Balloon Company is your solution. We deliver your balloons so you can relax and enjoy your event. If preferred, we’ll set up your balloons the day prior, giving you that extra peace of mind that they’re ready to impress.

Our balloons last longer than fresh cut flowers.  We use the best quality balloons available so that even your latex/helium balloons remain floating for days and weeks. You can be confident that they’ll stay firm and high at your event for everyone to see – no shrinking, and no sinking. And since they’ll last so much longer, gift them to your guests or auction them off for fundraisers!

You can depend on us for creativity.  It is important for us to keep up with the newest products, designs, and techniques. Attention to detail is important to us – We use ribbon colors that match your balloons and make sure each and every tail has a gentle curl in it. We care about you and will work with you to create the best designs we can within your budget.

We are dependable. As the fastest growing balloon company in upstate NY, we work hard to be there when you need us. If we say we’ll be there, then we will. As we grow, we are adding help as fast as we can. This is not a second job – it’s what we do.

We are professionals. We are Certified Balloon Artists (CBA), so you can be confident that we know what we are doing. A CBA certification means that we have been trained in design and business, so we know how to properly inflate and arrange balloons according to your needs. We also attend professional balloon conventions regularly and network with other balloon professionals around the world.

We are insured. Small businesses are not required to be insured, but we are, because we know it’s important to you.

We are transparent. As a professional company, we keep our pricing up-front so you know what our products cost.

We care about the environment.  We are part of PEBA (https://www.peba.com.au) and do not participate in dangerous balloon releases.

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